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  • Dopo circa un anno di collaborazione come suggeritore, dopo aver firmato il codice deontologico di Ubuntu, che adoro, e di tester e diffusore di Ubuntu Breeze prima, e subito dopo Beta Tester e diffusore di Dapper Drake 6.06, ora 6.06 LTS, mi decido, a presentarmi.
  • Sono un ragazzo di 62 anni, sono in pensione da 6.
  • Ho il pallino per l'informatica, per le lingue, per i rapporti sociali.
  • In questo anno di attività ho collaborato a tutto quanto ci fosse di traducibile e di difficile fosse presente sul Wiki e su Rosetta

  • Ho dovuto superare molti ostacoli connessi alla difficoltà degli strumenti messi a disposizione, molto validi, una volta acquisito il loro funzionamento.
  • Sapere che è in preparazione Edgy, mi sta notevolmente eccitando

  • Tra le cose ridicole che amo sottolineare, è l'inizio della traduzione di un programma che nulla aveva a che fare con quanto richiesto nella ML Open Beagle Howto (calcolo evolutivo EC), mentre la richiesta era orientata ad un motore di ricerca il Beagle, appunto, molto più semplice ed in sintonia con Ubuntu......

  • Open Beagle Howto: ho iniziato la traduzione del programma di calcolo evolutivo EC come richiesto da un messaggio ricevuto nella mailing!!...equivoco grossolano....altro che calcolo evolutivo....qui si parla del cane da caccia 'Beagle, ottimo motore di ricerca!!!!

  • Certo di non avervi tediato...quando avete voglia di farvi quattro risate....oltre a tradurre indefessamente...e-mailatemi (brutto vero???) al

VirusBuster alias Ydioma2005



KdediskArchiver BR(già tradotto ma cancellato dai gestori del sito)BR BR vanificando una settimana di lavoro e di notti insonni!!!! BR

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/!\ /!\ (errori di gioventù) evitare di scrivere in quel wiki...te cancellano tutto!!!! BR {it} {it} X-( X-( M'hanno cancellato, senza avvertirmi una intera settimana di traduzioni!!!! X-( X-( {it} {it}


Benvenuti nella Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter: BR Numero 18 BR 08-14 Ottobre 2006 BR BR In questo numero: BR BR BR BR e molto di più. BR BR La versione in Inglese: BRUWN#18 BR 08-14 Ottobre 2006. BR BR BR Le edizioni precedenti (in Inglese) possono essere lette qui: BR

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Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 18 for the week of Oct , 8 - 14 2006. In this issue we cover ...

You can always find older Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter issues at::

In This Issue

General Community News

The Free Desktop Turns 10

The free desktop is 10 years old this week as KDE celebrated its 10th birthday on Saturday 14th. In honour of the momentous anniversary your hard working Kubuntu developers all stayed at home to fix bugs in time for the Edgy release candidate. But in a warehouse somewhere in outer Bavaria the finest free software developers got together to party at the 10 years of Linux Desktop rave.

One of the keynote speakers was the Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon who announced that Mark Shuttleworth was now the first Patron of KDE. This prestigious title shows an ongoing finantial and social commitment to KDE. Thanks to Mark for signing up to this new scheme.

KDE e.V. supporting members scheme, Mark Shuttleworth Becomes the First Patron of KDE, KDE Celebrates 10 Years of the Free Desktop,

At the party Jono won a German book on Qt 4. Not speaking German he's giving it away to the person who will write the best Qt 4 application.

OpenOffice 2.0.4 is out

The latest of the OpenOffice releases is out. You can download it [ now]. See [ this forum post] for local installation instructions. Local installation means you do not have to be root during the installation and that you do not have to tweak / change / upgrade your OpenOffice as it came with Ubuntu.

Changes In Edgy

Launchpad News

In The Press

The Daily Cup of Tech takes a look at the involved and lengthy Ubuntu installation process. You can read it all at

This week brings two book reviews. The first is of the Apress book, Beginning Ubuntu Linux. The review notes several times that the this book is for new Ubuntu and Linux users and overall gives the book a very favourable review. You can read more at

The second review is of the Official Ubuntu Book. This time by ArsGeek, again giving high reviews and noting the book is very useful for new Ubuntu and Linux users. In their words:

"So should you go out and buy this book? If you’re a Linux/Ubuntu expert then you can probably forgo it. Anyone else who’s interested in Ubuntu either as a primary operating system, or as a means to learn a lot more about Linux should pick this up. It’s a great reference and has everything you’ll need from install to working productively in one easy place. It also comes with the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS DVD, saving the new user from trying to download and burn a copy – a time saver in the least."

You can

(Time for another full disclosure. The Chief Editor of the Ubuntu Weekly News, Corey Burger, is one of the primary authors of the Official Ubuntu Book.)

An interview with one of the Ubuntu developers, Matt Zimmerman, featured on [ OSDir]. The interview topics ranges from FOSS to Ubuntu and to Zimmerman's personal life. The full text of this and previous interviews can be found [ at "behindubuntu"].

[ Newsforge] reported that Nexenta, an open source operating system, is combining the Open Solaris kernel with GNU utilities and Ubuntu in its alpha 5 release.

[ Technewsworld] has an article on Ubuntu, where Ubuntu is reported to be similar to the Mac OS X of Linux according to IT-Harvest Chief Research Analyst Richard Stiennon, who also "...downplayed Ubuntu's support for Sun hardware, [saying] it would take a bigger player, such as HP... or Dell... to propel Ubuntu further into the business world, where it potentially could function as leverage against incumbent Red Hat."

Meetings and other similar events

Upcoming Events

Elinks is a feature-rich text mode web browser. It can render both frames and tables and is highly customizable.

Ever got a broken X and didn't know what to do next? Elinks is easy enough for an average user to browse without having X running to find answers and recover from such problems.

Try it out: sudo apt-get install elinks

Learn more about it:

Security Updates

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Updates

Bug Stats

New Bugs: # BR Closed Bugs: #

Infamous Bugs

How to Help Kill A Bug that Annoys you.

There are times when an application does not work as expected. In some cases this is a bug. Report them, this makes your software better.

When to find bugs

The best time to find a bug is early in the programs lifecycle as it is being prepared for the next release, not right at the start but the first snapshot that is taken of the development cycle. You should look at the critical applications in your distro that you use and check they work during the beta cycles. This allows developers iron out the issues before the next release. With the exception of the LTS software we don't expect to see problems resolved after a release is issued, unless it is a security issue. (More information here: )

==== How to report them =====

The report should be done as soon as the program terminates incorrectly.

What you need to report.

Information about what you as the user were doing or trying to do before the error occured. What the expected behaviour was, what the actual behaviour of the program was. What error messages if any occured, all of them is a good starting point.

To report bugs on Ubuntu, get an account on, find the package in the version of ubuntu you have and share the information you have. It is better to report half correctly and let someone else come along and confirm it.

Comments can be added after the initial edit, in fact you may be asked for more detail after you report.

Have a look at a few bugs on launchpad to get a feeling for what is expected.

What _Not_ to do.

Report "Program X is broken", this is not a fault report, it is in fact a "faulty bug report", i.e. it is useless. It lacks the essential ingredient, appropoitate information.

Additional Ubuntu News

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