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Hi Kubuntu Developers, we are a group of Kubuntu Users come from Ubuntu-it forum and we would like share to you what we would like see in Lucid. This is a little list of proposals. What do you think about? Thanks, regards. (kico, gp, Cylon, kekko, TequilaMex, iteand, Frankie90, superlex, ivanhoe1024, ShaiKailash)

  • 1) Packaging: Some packages in repository has a ton of gnome dependencies (i.e. gimp and firefox). We know those packages are not made by Kubuntu team, but try to solve this problem considering Kubuntu users and low space usage.

  • 2) Samba and share folder: In Dolphin, in a folder's menu, the option "Share folder" doesn't work because the package "kdenetwork-filesharing" is not installed. It's necessary to share folders via Dolpin. The bug is filed in launchpad but it's not yet fixed (LP bug #402015, #209873)

  • 3) photo and digital kamera: In Kubuntu Karmic, when users try to connect a digital camera, the automount doesn't start. So users can't download or browse their photos. Manual mount of the device or installation of digiKam is necessary to using the digital camera. Make possible the automount of the digital camera like a removable storage device without digiKam, or at least digiKam by default into CD or DVD.

  • 4) apturl-kde and firefox: apturl-kde is a great improve but into Kubuntu is not integrated in Firefox. Firefox is not installed by default but it is the browser used by the most number of users. A good idea should be apturl-kde integrated in Firefox also for Kubuntu.

  • 5) knetwork manager and kbluetooth: KNetwork Manager and KBluetooth have still some problems. There are problems with hidden networks and some pc freezes when transfering data to a phone. KNetwork Manager doesn't want connect with UMTS pen like Ubuntu with gnome does with wizard. Is it possible put in Kubuntu, Network Manager and bluetooth which is used in Ubuntu? Or at least fix the UMTS issue?

  • 6) kpackagekit: kpackagekit doesn't have support for debconf and it's not a complete package manager like Synaptic. And yes, it has many issue like crashes and serious problem like LP bug #45442 (KPackageKit can't resolve dependencies and recommends Synaptic or Aptitude)

  • 7) artwork: We are asking for artwork in Kubuntu like other distro have. A not invasive artwork, in according with the default style of KDE, but at the same time a brand for Kubuntu. Only simple work:

    • Kubuntu-Icon for kickoff;
    • Kubuntu logo in KDE Splash;
    • Kubuntu Wallpaper branded with Kubuntu logo.
    • Kubuntu logo in kdm;
  • 8) trash plasma-widget: Add "Trash Plasmoid" in the KDE Panel. It's comfortable for a good user experience and for users who have just migrated from Windows.

  • 9) Add "lock/logout" plasma-widget in the panel for an easy access to this action.
  • 10) artwork for folder icons in the home directory: The oxygen icons "music","video", "documents" and "my pictures" exists and are in the oxygen-icons package. Kubuntu doesn't use them by default. It's a good idea to use them for a more positive user experience. Those icons are useful to identify quickly the contents of the home directory.

  • 11) System colors: Oxygen colors theme was updated every release of KDE, but kubuntu doesn't use it by default. This theme should be the default theme since in KDE 4.4 is really improved.

  • 12) firefox: Firefox is, now, one of the most know open source software. It runs on Gnu/linux and Windows. Kubuntu doesn't install it by default. It's the first program that most number of users install after the first installation of Kubuntu. The firefox-installer is good but it seems a patch for a problem. Firefox isn't integrated in Kubuntu with a normal installation and is not integrated in KDE like Opensuse. It would be a really good idea if when user installs Firefox it becomes the default browser in his system instead of Konqueror.

  • 13) Dragon player is only a video player and it lacks many feautures like show subtitle. Kaffeine is a multimedia player, it has more important features, for example dvb tv tuner. If it will be complete for lucid, it's important to include it by default.

  • 14)Arora/Rekonq: a webkit/qt browser by default, for example Rekonq or Arora instead of Konqueror.

  • 15)bangarang: a nepomuk/phonon based media player, really nice for kubuntu-netbook edition instead of Kaffeine or Dragon

  • 16) Open kde menĂ¹ when user click on the desktop with middle button