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Test Trackpad

Case ID: hmt-001

  1. Move a finger on the trackpad. Verify that the mouse cursor moves onscreen.
  2. Right-click on the desktop using the trackpad buttons. Select Create Document -> Create Empty File. Title it test.txt.

  3. Double-click using the trackpad buttons the test.txt file you created. Verify that the double-click is responded to by a text editor opening.

  4. Close the text editor.
  5. Drag test.txt to the trash can using the trackpad buttons. Verify that dragging works properly.

  6. Tap with three fingers on the desktop. Verify that the right-click menu appears. Select Create Document -> Create Empty File. Title it test2.txt.

  7. Double-tap with one finger on the test2.txt file. Verify that the double-tap is treated as a double-click and that the file is opened in a text editor.

  8. Type a sample sentence in the text editor. Highlight it.
  9. Tap with two fingers. Verify that a middle-click is sent and that the highlighted text is pasted into the document.
  10. Close the text editor.
  11. Double-tap-drag the test2.txt file to the trash can. Verify that dragging works correctly.


  1. Verify that the trackpad controls the mouse cursor onscreen.
  2. Verify that left- and right-clicking work with the trackpad buttons.
  3. Verify that tapping the trackpad works as a click.
  4. Verify that dragging works with both the trackpad buttons and by tap-and-drag on the trackpad.

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