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Ubuntu 8.04


In time with the world / In orario con il mondo / A tempo col mondo

Ubuntu 7.10 released today

New features

Beautiful New Desktop

Switching between apps shows a full preview of each window, windows flow smoothly across the desktop when dragged, and you can slide between different desktops.

Security Made Simple

Tired of having to remember multiple passwords? Ubuntu 7.10 now unlocks access to all your saved website passwords, wireless network keys, and file shares after logging in. You can now keep important files private by simply right clicking them to encrypt.

Find Anything Fast

Find the documents, photos, music, videos, and chat logs you want instantly with a single click. Tracker searches inside files content, and can be used from inside applications to select files.

Simpler screen, printer, and wireless set up

Monitors and projects can now be automatically detected. Printers are now automatically configured by merely plugging them in and turning them on. Wireless cards and modems can now be easily set up.

Open, edit and save files on your Windows drive

Users dual-booting with Windows can now open, edit and save files on their Windows disks out of the box.

Save your battery, the environment, and your lap

Ubuntu now allows the processor to use less power and produce less heat. For laptops this means more battery life and burn-free laps and for desktops and media center PCs, a quieter, cooler environment.

If your laptop’s stolen, your data isn’t

You can now encrypt your hard disk. If your laptops or mobile devices is lost or stolen, your files won’t be read without your password.

Run Windows apps inside Ubuntu

VirtualBox allows users to even run Windows right inside Ubuntu.

The Benefits of Ubuntu

As with previous versions of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 7.10 includes all the benefits of Ubuntu and Linux.

  • Everything is ready to go out of the box
    • Well known apps for web browsing, instant messaging, voice calling, email, and office functions installed out of the box.
  • It’s easy to get more
    • You can find, get, install and update all software through one simple tool - without the need to answer questions or restart.
  • No hunting around for video and sound players
    • The ‘ubuntu-restricted-extras’ provides support for all popular sound and video formats - there’s no need to find and download extra media players and software. Note this may not be available in all countries.
  • The worlds best security.
    • Other platforms have a few hundred thousand viruses in the wild. Linux has a handful. You don’t need to restart your computer for most security updates.
  • Ubuntu is Free
    • Ubuntu is free of charge
  • Ubuntu is Freedom
    • Ubuntu is owned by you, the general public.

Ready to download?

Get it while it’s hot! Visit the download page to get Ubuntu 7.10 now, or see a list of other ways to get Ubuntu.

Get Ubuntu now

New users: Download Ubuntu 7.10 now, or see a list of other ways to get Ubuntu.

Users upgrading from Ubuntu 7.04: check out the easy upgrade instructions.

So there you have it. When the release announcement for 8.04 is written, let’s apply a few of the things discussed above to help fix Bug #1.