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For general information or to download a CD see Kubuntu 9.04 Beta Announcement

See JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 for upgrading from 8.04 (Hardy).

Kubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 Upgrade

Upgrade to 9.04 over the Internet:

1) Type Alt-F2 and type into the box update-notifier-kde -d

Upgrade to 9.04 with an alternate CD start with:

1) Insert the alternate CD, open it in a new window, open the Run Command dialog by pressing Alt+F2. Type kdesudo "/media/cdrom/cdromupgrade" in the command box and press the OK button.

2) Review the upgrade notes and click Upgrade

3) You will be asked for your password

4) The upgrade tool will start

5) When presented with the Package Changes dialog, review the changes to be made and then press the Start Upgrade button.

6) Go and have a coffee while 9.04 is downloaded and installed.

Note: If the connection to the Net is lost during this stage, The install tool will abort. But if you reconnect and restart the process, then once the channels are set, the file count should resume where it left off.

7) If you are presented with the Configuration File Change dialog, press the Show Difference button to see what the system would change, and press the Keep button to retain YOUR settings, or press the Replace button to go ahead and overwrite your settings with the new package settings. If in doubt press Replace.

8) The final step of the upgrade provides you the ability to keep obsolete packages by pressing the Keep button, or go ahead and remove the packages by pressing the Remove button. If in doubt press Remove.

9) The last step of the entire process is to go ahead and reboot your machine.

Welcome to Kubuntu 9.04

If everything went smoothly after the upgrade and the reboot, your desktop should look like the following:


If you get an error stating one of these possibilities:

  • Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu

  • Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu

  • Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu

try executing the following:

'sudo dpkg --configure -a' in a terminal.

Afterwards, reboot, and try the upgrade again. This should help to fix any broken packages that are missing due to upgrade problems.

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