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My name is Diego Donati. My mother is English and my father is Italian. I call myself a "natural bilingual" as I have always spoken both languages since I was small, as my mother spoke and speaks to me in English while my father has always spoken to me in Italian. I was born in Milan, but I moved over to London when I was 9 years old. I studied in English schools (Westminster Cathedral Primary School, St. Thomas More Secondary School and Salesian College, Battersea). I moved back over to Italy in 1990 and I have been living here since then. I have a house in London so I have the opportunity to go there as often as I wish and therefore (fortunately) my English manages to keep as fluent as possible. I graduated from the University of Milan where I studied Modern Languages and Translation. I have been translating since I was 18 years of age, but professionally for 10 years now. I have translated web sites (OmegaT CAT tool website), tourist brochures, technical texts. My specializations include IT (software and hardware), telecommunications, website (for example: and software localization.

I love Ubuntu! I know it sounds obvious otherwise I wouldn't be writing on this wiki, but having tried all the distros out there, or at least most of them, I have come to a conclusion: Ubuntu is the best linux distro you can get! I translate on I am currently trying to join the Italian Translators of Ubuntu Team as I would like to work in group. Ubuntu is a community.

I think I have introduced myself:) You will be probably bored by now...My apologies, ok?

Take care